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The Catholic Business Network of Baltimore

Premier Sponsor Spotlight: Merrill Lynch

October 31, 2017 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Mark Fitz-Patrick, The Fitz-Patrick Group at Merrill Lynch

How long have you been a sponsor? 

6 Years.

What made you want to become a sponsor?

I thought the goal of CBNB to provide an environment where professionals could grow in faith and business would fill a niche in Networking groups in Baltimore. While providing network opportunities, CBNB also fosters a platform for folks to grow spiritually. I also liked the idea that while the group maintains big C (Catholic) principles,  CBNB also has a small c (catholic) welcoming attitude toward people of all faiths. Since I value the Catholic education that I was fortunate to receive, I like the support that CBNB gives to Archdiocesan and other Catholic Schools in the form of scholarships for worthy and needy students.

What is the largest value you receive as a sponsor?

My biggest pleasure has been to witness the organic growth of the organization over the last 6 years, as well as the enthusiasm displayed at our monthly meetings. Over the last 6 years, CBNB has grown from 10-20 members to over 130, a mailing list of over 900, and meeting attendance averages of 70-80 people. The speakers are outstanding! Additionally, special events, like the Catholic Leadership Award Breakfast, Advent Prayer Breakfast, Annual Networking Event, and the Evening with the Archbishop provide opportunities to help support the organization and Catholic Education while celebrating with a great group of folks. Connections with people in differing professions also provides the opportunity for me to grow my business and business knowledge. Friendships have developed as well. For me, my time as a member and a past board member has been a time of growth, both professionally and personally. I have witnessed the amazing dedication of board members and the members. It does take a village to grow successfully!

What does a CBNB sponsorship do for you that other organizations don’t?

CBNB sponsorship means contributing to a group that supports The Fitz-Patrick Wealth Management’s core beliefs. Michael and I believe in family values, fiduciary and ethically responsible principles in our financial planning and management process. These values and principles are guided and informed by our Catholic values. CBNB is an organization that allows expression and reinforcement of those principles. The Fitz-Patrick Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, are proud to support CBNB and Catholic education and enjoy  associating with others who also value those core beliefs.

Is there anything else you would like potential sponsors to know?

I would say that if you haven’t come to meetings or joined the CBNB, there is value on all kinds of levels by joining. You may come for business, and find the spiritual side encouraging or you may come for the spiritual side, and find business benefits. Either way, you will find a great opportunity for making great new friends and acquaintances while learning from speakers and other members!

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